Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

It's been a minute since our last post but we're back.  A lot of personal setbacks have put Graff Inc Trades on hold.  This is a force that can't be stopped thought so it's moving forward.

For this Tuesday's Underground Lowdown we are looking at Dirty Handz.  We were not expecting such a sick video to come out of Europe, but we seriously underestimated the European creativity and style. This dude narrates as he goes to most major European cities and destroys passenger train after passenger train! The narrator and the artists he meets up with puts most U.S. writers to shame especially when they travel to New York City and destroy the MTA's subway cars.  They even manage to get up and do 4 whole cars! This video was really well put together and organized and we have watched this video many times.  Along with their graffiti Euro styles, the soundtrack in this video has European style too it, but that should be a given and is definitely not a minus. 

(8 out of 10)