Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We are happy and excited to announce that we have acquired GraffHead's YouTube account. A reputable organization with nearly 10,000 subscribers and over 3 million views, it made sense.  Approached them after we discovered this dormant account and reached an agreement to help keep it alive by using the account to upload our own videos into.



Just released a new video we have repurposed from the former user

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wu Wednesday

This is beyond impressive, as of today they have 1,000 views.  Give it some time and be sure these talented young ladies will blow up. Not only does their talent far exceed today's "musical artist" but they got some serious flow!

Keep it up ladies, world of hip-hop needs more of this!

Monday, October 23, 2017

West Bank Wall Targeted with Political Graffiti

The West Bank barrier wall has been a target for graffiti artists since it was erected. Some of the work has been artistically beautiful and others strongly politically charged. Australian artist Lushsux (twitter, @lushsux) adds some political figures such as, Trump, Hillary, Zuckerberg, Nelson Mandela and others to the wall.

The ambiguous graffiti artist has been taking things to a whole new level over the past few weeks. He's been busy creating huge murals of some familiar faces but with added confusion of wrong face with the wrong quote. What makes the work even more unique is that Lushsux has been asking for requests from his fans on social media. Per those requests, he has added images of US President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and even actor Larry David to the wall in the historically religious area of Bethlehem.

He has added an image of actor Morgan Freeman alongside a quote by former South African president and political activist, Nelson Mandela: "We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." Again, the sometimes confusing and strange imagery is clear as Mandela said it and not Morgan Freeman. 

Posted by the artists Twitter page on Monday, he painted a mural of Hillary Clinton asking "What happened?" which is the title of her new book. The image of Hillary was painted as an almost cartoonish like figure right next to a more realistic grinning Trump with the speech bubble "I happened." The twitter post included a tag to the real Hillary Clinton page, it captioned, 'anyone know what happened @hillaryclinton?'

No one can escape his sometimes strange imagery as Lushsux posted an image of Larry David on Instagram (@lushsux) last week, asking his followers "Paint this on Israel/Palestine border wall? Yeh or nah?" After an overwhelming 'yes', he then posted a photo of the mural - with a blank speech bubble - and requested input on the caption. "Best comment goes in the bubble..."

The winning phrase was, "'This place would be a fantastic place to come if Jews were cheating on their wives' - Bernie Sanders." This was from when Sanders was running for president and David portrayed him in a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Before painting an image of the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, he posted on his twitter account, "Wall the zuck? Or will I get zucced for painting him?".  Sooner after another post stating, "Will this post get zucced? Negative or affirmative?"

Lushsux also asked his followers if he should add a Trump firing back at rapper Eminem (after his freestyle rap he released last week).  Again the overwhelming yes meant the image was also to be added and it did not disappoint.

The image of the US president is seen writing near similar words from Eminem's 2002 song, Stan ft. Dido.  It read, "Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't callin', I left my cell, my pager and the White House phone at the bottom."

Monday, October 16, 2017

1st Things First With Letters First

Many crews in the New York City graffiti scene seem to naturally gravitate toward the idea that quantity is more valuable than quality. This has led to almost every writer being more into the aspect of bombing rather than devoting time to the formation of their letters. There is one crew that focuses on letters first--namely; Letters First (@letters_first_crew).

 Letters First is an all millennial graffiti crew--originally formed by RIME (MSK) as a booster crew to The Seventh Letter. As a crew; the Letters First members devote themselves to the study of form and symmetry. Their goals are lofty; having set out to  master each letter they put up. The group consists of 7 writers the majority of whom currently reside in New York City.

 More than just driven by a uniform desire to master the alphabet--this group is unique because (as far that I know of) Letters First is the only reputable crew with a female president. However; this is not what they hang their hat on. Reason being; crew president, Chare (@Chare_L1st), has put in all the requirements to be respected as a leader of men and has nothing handed to her on behalf of her gender. Chare, as a writer, has put in more grunt work to earn her recognition within the last four years than most dudes can fantasize about in their lifetime. From starting out as a studio assistant lugging paint across the globe for RIME--to bombing the gritty streets of Brooklyn and bandos across the states. Chare has worked by the sweat of her brow to be herself in a culture that is heavily influenced by misogyny. The rest of the crew (all men) not only support Chare's leadership but derive a sense of inspiration from the fun energy with which she approaches writing.

I had the opportunity to watch a few of them paint over a generous chunk of wall at Terracycle; provided by RAS(@basedrasta). Members from Letters First such as Klaus, Knor, Modus and of course Chare put their best letters forward on a professionally executed team collaboration.

Personally speaking; I was excited that I would be meeting one of my favorite current writers; MODUS (@M0du5_L1st). There are very few pure letter technicians in the newest generation of graffiti writers due to many younger writers being easily persuaded into aiming for fame instead of glory. As a writer, Modus has been laying down clean letter forms that he has been known to manipulate from time to time. No matter where you live; be it in the Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens: if strictly good writing captures your attention; chances are the penmanship of Modus has caught your eye.

From end to end approximately 30 feet long; every brick had a story to tell. From right to left, Klaus, Modus, Chare and Knor laid down blockbuster forms with silver fills. Interwoven throughout the wall; each piece had it’s own moniker-like character from Arthur the Marc Brown inspired 90’s television series which still runs today. I stood back as they worked the characters in waiting for my chance to inquire about the significance of characters; only to find out to my dismay prior to final shots that it was all for shits and giggles--having been brought to their attention by recent memes that have gone viral.

There is no moral to the story on this wall--only ethical takeaways which is just as good. There is a growing trend of fear amongst writers that are debuting today. Fears of being found out for  imperfection and scrutiny from their peers. And it is certainly true that many old-school writers weigh down unprompted “constructive criticisms” to the new breed of writers on the execution of experimental styles. Letters First is an amazing band of cool writers that paint for the love; with love. This is evident is the unique expressionism each of their forms take on.

Klaus has an aggressive, undaunted approach with which he lays down larger forms accompanied by minimal manipulation. More emphasis is given to the little things like stands and serifs than kicks or connects.

Modus brings a clean flow to his letters. In my opinion; he is definitely one of the most talented writers on the NYC circuit with the ability to burn with the best of them.

Chare shoots straight with her wide variety of font selections. Bringing to life a fun vibe on every piece she executes with her designs and color schemes. Observing her work calls to mind her attention to detail for the fact that I have never seen her do the same thing twice. Her affinity for shades of pink raises her work to another standard as she always seems to find a new way to apply it within her schemes. It is also worth noting that she carries herself as writer who does not expect anything handed to her. In the moments where services like carrying heavy crates of paint have been extended; she politely declines--dedicated to show her commitment and strength to the artform on the merit of skill and hard work-- not having anything handed to her.

Knor (@knorcrap) is a quiet dude with loud characters. It is surprising that he does not get more recognition for the consistency of work he puts out. His unique skillset pushes the group to incorporate characters within their own pieces. In fact, if not for his presence; the final look of the wall could have been completely different.

Be sure to follow them on instagram and keep an eye out for their future projects. They have amazing projects in the works that will be sure to shake up the art world.


Friday, October 6, 2017


We don't want to spoil it but we are currently negotiating with another graffiti company.

....and we are stoked about...


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wu Wednesday

....umm, is it real?

Do we really have a new Wu-Tang Clan song and video? Someone pinch me because it can't be real.

Such fire and as if they picked up where they left off.  Enjoy cause your week can only go down here from here, ha-ha!