Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wu Wednesday

There are so many different hashtag yadda yadda's that we think it's getting a bit silly.  Other than the thursday throwbacks, we like Wu Wednesdays.  To kick off our first We Wednesday we would share a great classic.  Where were you when you first heard this legendary song?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

We don't have a video that we reviewed but stumbled upon this trailer for a documentary about Philadelphia's graffiti history.  It appears to be professionally done and filled with some rich material and interviews.

From the YouTube page, "Some argue that modern graffiti was born in Philadelphia, where the pioneers of wall-writing became citywide celebrities during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Graffiti eventually consumed the city, and a new mayor made it his top priority to fight back. In the process, the city's Mural Arts Program was born. Philadelphia is now a great outdoor museum. Yet graffiti still thrives, with new writers always ready to replace those who are caught or quit. Featuring interviews with Cool Earl, Kool Klepto Kidd, and other famous graffiti legends, as well as former Mayor W. Wilson Goode and Mural Arts Program executive director Jane Golden. The documentary was shot, edited and self-financed by Robert Moran, a journalist in Philadelphia and first-time director."

It was uploaded on Sep 4, 2010 so we are contacting the email listed at the end of the video to see if this video is still available and for how much.  As soon as we're able to find out we will update this post and let you know.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Freight Fridays Feature Fix

 This weeks Freight Fix is a recently buffed former St Lawrence Railroad car.  From WikiPedia, "The St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad (reporting mark SLR), known as St-Laurent et Atlantique Quebec (reporting mark SLQ) in Canada, is a short line railway operating between Portland, Maine on the Atlantic Ocean and Montreal, Quebec on the St. Lawrence River. It crosses the Canada-U.S. border at Norton, Vermont, and is owned by short line operator Genesee and Wyoming.

The line was built by the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad in the U.S. and the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railway in Canada, meeting at Island Pond, Vermont south of the Canada–United States border. Major communities served include Portland and Lewiston in Maine; Berlin, New Hampshire; Island Pond, Vermont; and Sherbrooke and Montreal in Quebec."
  The markings of the old NSL were for the St Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad.  We weren't able to find any information regarding this railroad which we find to be compelling.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Action TBT

These are a couple of old action shots we have sitting around.  They go back to around 2004-2006 and are apart of a small collection.  SOSA featured here to the right was selected as one of this weeks Feature Writer of the Day on our Facebook Page.

Action shots go waaaay back and can be seen in books like Subway Art.  Almost ALL graffiti writers have action shots of themselves or someone else.  They've become a staple in any dedicated graffiti writers illegal portfolio.

We do not condone any kind of graffiti vandalism on public or private property.  We have documented the graffiti art over many years for those who appreciate this type of art work and features work from around the world.  Our goal is to educate those who are also interested in learning about this underground subculture.  If you have any questions or have images you would like to share, please email us at

Friday, June 6, 2014

Freight Fridays Feature Fix

Todays Freight Fridays Feature Fix is a rusting masterpiece that was blessed with an MVP End 2 End by SOSA (RA), BONES (FUA), CRUK (FUA) & TSAR (RA).

The faded blue with the rust really gives this boxcar its Americana classic railroad look.  Don't know if the writers knew their pieces would only survive the cancerous rust for a few years or not but the rust overtaking the pieces definitely make this car worth a Feature.  Its a sick car with some sick pieces that have become apart of the car which makes this car one big piece of art.

The TSAR piece was already selected for one of our Featured Artist of the Day earlier this year on our Facebook Page.  Check our page for more Featured Artists of the Day!  TSAR is known for a unique, ever changing, never repeating style master but as well as being clean.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Site!

new websiteYes we have been a ghost on this page but that doesn't mean we've fallen off.  We have been hard at work trying to get our site up and running.  While we've been doing that we've been organizing our products for production and more!  Things are getting very exciting for us and we're eager to have an official launch for our site.  Even though it is up and running there are plenty of errors and a few broken links.  The broken links are still pages we're working on but will be up one by one daily.  We just added our 'Product' page but the individual product pages are not up yet.  We will keep you updated as there are news to report.  Stay up and until then, check us out on facebook,

Friday, March 7, 2014

Freight Fridays Feature Fix

Todays Freight Fridays is meant to be served with some syrup.  It's all about the waffle cars and how delicious they can be to the freight world.  Helps give the car some character and any piece to stand out that much more.
This weeks freight is a small burner piece by REPAE (1UP).  Enjoy the weekend and stay safe!.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

North Americans usually trash Euro style and Euro writers trash american steel.  North Americans usually like the NYC, mid-western or LA style.  We would say that all would agree that Euro style is mostly wack.  However if you ask someone from nearly anywhere in Europe they think North American's are wack for always doing boxcars and no transit.

We would say that influential writers like SWEAR is adopted some (we use that loosely) the Euro style.  We've really enjoyed seeing the two style worlds clyde.

This KCBR video is greater than entertaining.  No matter what part of the globe you sit in, this is an adrenaline pumping video.  We love what these guys do and the steel they crush!  The slogans and  different styles they produce are so fresh!  There are so many different parts that are our favorite we really couldn't pin down one segment.  We happened upon this video by just getting lost in youtube (which is easy to do).  We reccomend this video for sure as it's beyond entertaining.
(8 out of 10)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Freight Fridays Feature Fix

 Todays Freight Fridays Feature Fix is brought to by the letters, U-P-F-E.  The letters stand for, Union Pacific Fruit Express which was a mechanical refrigerated boxcars (reefers) owned by the Union Pacific Railroad Company.  This car was equipped with a mechanical apparatus for furnishing protection against heat and/or cold. The apparatus was operated by diesel power rather than from the car axle.  The diesel fuel stain on the tank that hung below the car was a signature look for these cars.  These cars were either scrapped or painted and converted to what is now the Union Pacifics, ARMN's.

It was around 2005 that the Union Pacific company started to convert and scrap these style of reefers.  The purpose was to replace the mechanical apparatus to a more high-tech/fuel efficient, modern cooling equipment.  Reefers are hard sought out by graffiti writers and the UPFE's were loved but the fact the UP railroad company painted the converted cars to white makes them more desirable.  The ARMN identification letters come from the former American Refrigerator Transit Company that the UP took over in the 70's and is now a subsidiary of them.

The Freight Fridays Feature Fix tributes are pieces done by MECA and COLT45.  The MECA freight (above) was a cleanly done silver simple style piece dissed by an unknown assailant.  The COLT45 piece is pretty fresh but being it was inbetween the lines made the photo difficult to get but it's a perspective any freight graffiti writer understands.  The last image is a before and after of the UPFE's.  As dope as the white ARMN's are, there will always be a special place for the UPFE's.

Enjoy your Freight Fridays Feature Fix and stay safe!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

This documentary held up to its magazines well known organization and professionalism. A real breath of fresh air, definitely not another 'drugs, sex, graffiti, violence' ...a true documentary on the art of graffiti.  I really enjoyed the 'down to Earth' - nothing but love for
graffiti interviews and commentaries from the real street artists and hardcore graffiti writers. Chock full insane on the edge of your seat bombing with the writer giving commentary on their own thoughts and feelings about who, what, why they do, what they do! With so many dope writers this flick was really well organized and had an awesome and original soundtrack.

(9 out of 10)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Website Fossils

Are graffiti archive style websites a thing of the past?  Have they gone the way of MySpace and Bing?  Well, I guess they're still around but who uses it and who ever used Bing to begin with?  A decade ago there was no such thing as an 'app' and you had to search relatively hard to find your favorite writer online.  We've heard old school writers from the 80s talk about how it was before the internet.  I guess this is this generations "before the app" or "before social media".

Apps and the popular social media choices has changed the game drastically.  One can find nearly any writer they want and now have the chance to interact with that person.  Instagram is probably the biggest influence of this as we've seen writers have hundreds and thousands of followers and half of their Instagram posts are shots of their dinner.  Kids still jock them and their "dope dinner" comments.  We're not hating at all, just simply reflecting on how apps and these social media style sites have become such a powerful tool.  Probably one of the most positive influences in the graffiti culture thus yet.

Anonymity still exists on Twitter, Instagram and Flickr however there is a lot more accountability than you would find in a forum .  "Back in my day", it was online forums to see new graffiti from else where in the world.  Online archive sites were the cool thing and to submit your photos and have them archived was a way to get your name out.  You use to hear a lot about this or that site but does anyone go on those sites anymore?  We  like the way the culture has evolved and adapted to these new trends.  We understand that online graffiti forums and archived sites are still out there and are still used but theyre not as talked about or used as much they use to be

Friday, February 21, 2014

Freight Fridays Feature Fix

Graffiti freight car
There are writers who get up bombing their neighborhood and city.  There are also writers who like to stay legal and do big productions and sometimes get paid to do them.  There are those that like to do pieces on freight cars.

Crushing freight cars deserves its own individual level of respect because there's a lot of preparation that goes into a freight mission. Getting in and out unnoticed and without injury is an accomplishment in it's self.  To get your name up and have it seen throughout the country and later benched on the internet is rewarding.  A lot of curves, bumps, handles and painting on metal alone isn't easy.  To keep it clean while pitch dark, on metal and working around the elements that make up a train car is respectable and not as easy as non-train writers would think.  Many big names have came and gone through the years but many come back every now and then.  The writer that shares an equal love for rolling stock as they do for graffiti and are skilled enough will actually paint around all of the stenciling as well.

Todays pick is a cylinder hopper done by FOX.  Below we found a nice flat panel Canadian National clean car.  Enjoy your Freight Friday and stay safe!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

Did you know we've been around since 2001?  We've been reviewing underground graffiti movies for over a decade.  This week, we're starting with a European movie called, Dirty Handz.

I was not expecting such a sick video to come out of Europe, but I seriously underestimated the European creativity and style. This dude narrates as he goes to most major European cities and destroys passenger trains after passenger trains! The narrator and the artists he meets up with puts most U.S. writers to shame especially when they travel to New York City and destroy the subway cars there and even do 4 whole cars! This video was really well put together and organized and I will watch this video again and again. Along with their graffiti Euro styles, the soundtrack in this video has European style too it, but that should be a given and is definitely not a minus.
(8 out of 10)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Featured Artist of the Day (2014)

Are you following us on Facebook?  If you're not, then why?  We are using our Facebook page to post articles, updates and news.  Also, there will be a different artist featured every day from your submissions.  We want to post graffiti from all around the world.  You can submit your photos to;  This is a very exciting time and we are looking forward to the future as this album grows.

Like, comment and share this album and its photos.  We appreciate any and all support and completely recognize that without you and your support we wouldn't be here today.  Thank you thus far and in advance for all that you do for us.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Art of Streaking

'Streaks' or 'monikers' is a unique form of graffiti as the only people that really see them are graffiti writers and railroaders.  This form of graffiti started as early as the 30's and was used by railroaders and hobos.  They were mainly messages with solid paint sticks in North America.  As the graffiti artists gravitated towards the freight trains in the late 80's and early 90's, they slowly adopted this art form.  You can now you find streaks being done with the paint sticks or paint markers.

This form of graffiti really doesn't get the respect that it deserves.  They are small and easy to get dozens up quickly however it is an artform and dates way before graffiti ever hit a subway car in New York City.  Steaks are unique and mainly feature some kind of a design and at times are dated or have a location where they're from.  Railroaders continue this tradition as well, but not as much as they used to.

Streaks get covered all the time by graffiti writers painting, bombing and tagging freight trains.  I dont know any that could about a streak on a car.  We're not trying to debate the importance or hierarchy of graffiti on trains.  We just feel that streaks deserve more recognition and we try to flick and post as much as we can.  Some are very elaborate like the piece below and are less likely to get covered but it all depends on the writer.

Among the full color pieces, tags and freight stenciling it's easy to understand how streaks can get lost and not much attention.  Many streaks fade but their outlines remain like a ghost.  The streaks preserve the color of the car as the rest of it fade away by the elements and sunlight.

Here are a few more streaks,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


  GraffInc Trades proudly brings you, #PANELPIECES.  It's a photography/art exhibit by one of the founders of and the new company,  Rolling Stock Gallery is the venue holding this event.  The gallery is located in Fort Lauderdale at 506 NW 1st Ave.  The event will take place on March 29th from 7-11p.  For more information, please visit our event page on facebook at the following link, #PANELPIECES.  You can also e-mail us for more information at

We sat down with Todd briefly and asked him why he wanted to do this.  He simply replied, "I've always wanted to do my own gallery event".  He continued to say, "I'm very grateful for Rolling Stock Gallery to allow me to hold this event".  He explains that all work will have something to do with trains and many will be of tight squared up shots on freight train cars.  We had to ask why freight train cars and he explained that freight trains hold so much art in and on itself and are so photogenic.  The photo below is a sample collage of what visitors can expect to see at the show.

The one catch is that this event is currently tentative.  Rolling Stock's lease is up this monday and may not renew.  Todd and GraffInc Trades is fully aware of this stipulation however are moving forward as if it's a guarantee.  In the unfortunate event that this event is to be cancelled, we will be sure to notify everyone promptly.

We hope to see you there and remember to post your visit with the hashtag, #PANELPIECES.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Robbo V Banksy

  You can find any kind of graffiti documentary these days.  Graffiti documentaries go as far back as the early 80's when the classic 'Style Wars' was released.  Style Wars has laid the foundation for generations of videos to come out for decades to come.  It is a must watch for any new beginning graffiti artist and even to revisit for veterans.  Hidden in the depths of the internet is a BBC documentary titled, 'Robbo vs Banksy- Graffiti Wars'.  Many people have seen the popular 'Exit Through the Gift Shop" which has added to Banksy's fame and mysterious image.  However, not many people are familiar with who Robbo is.  This in depth documentary is compelling with real interviews from Robbo himself.  Interviews are also given from other prolific graffiti artists regarding the feud between Robbo and Banksy explaining why this feud continues.

Many graffiti artists and street artists fight this kind of a battle every time they discuss what is "real graffiti art".  This is a well done documentary and helps to walk you through the steps one by one on how this graffiti drama unfolded.  The climatic ending is a twist that you won't see coming and leave you with more questions than answers.  One important question you will have to answer is, are you Team Robbo or Team Banksy?