Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Underground Lowdown

Graff Core 2000: Within the first 10 minutes I thought this was going to be a pretty fresh video with all the hardcore New York City bombing; but thirty minutes in I was hoping it would end! It was just too much mind numbing bombing with no commentary, no story's, no background on the artists. One of the few things that caught my attention and any real interest was the short section that featured the late NACE and later in the video the former FX member SEW. For a video that had some pretty dope writers featured in it, seem to unsuspectingly drag on forever. Like the others this was just a graffiti video with just footage of people painting. Why watch a a video of people painting and bombing when one can go do it themselves!? It also become annoying when the makers of the video flashed their title every three minutes! The soundtrack was original and pretty fresh. I want to know why the bonus footage was left out of the video and put in as extra because it would have made the video SO much better!

(3.5 out of 10)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wu Wednesday

In honor of Wu Wednesday we found this sick remix of The Notorious BIG's Big Poppa.

Seriously, enjoy this and you're welcome!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

#WCW (Whole Car Wednesday)

Short story behind this image is that the top image was benched by us summer 2014. The bottom image was later spotted by us on the internet recently. We would learn later that the writer wasn't able to finish the piece but the car rolled back to their spot and finished it... what are the chances?!

If you don't know about KEEP, you need to go look the writer up.  This artists crushes whole cars like most crush panel pieces ...Seriously, there are pieces of whole cars done upside down, 'KE' on one car and 'EP' on another, it's as if regular wholecars are boring!  Artists deserves to be featured and this bench makes this piece that much more awesome!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wu Wednesday

For us, Wu Wednesday is about featuring rap artists that represent hip-hop.  Artists who rap because it's just part of what makes them who they are.  For us, it doesn't matter if they're making ten bucks or a million, they'd still be doing it.  That's why we call this Wu Wednesday because Wu Tang is the greatest rap group filled with some of the greatest rap artist because rap made up who they are.  That being said, we are posting another underground artist who we feel is dope, original and she's cute too, ha-ha!  Here's Gavlyn - What I do

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

Today we'll be looking at Cant Stop Fanatics 2.  It's a European train video that features nearly all live action footage.  This video was sponsored by Molotow and came out in 2006.

First thing we noticed right from the start was the poor video quality.  We know this is from the mid 2000's but it looks as if it was shot from the late 90's.  Unfortunately this really prevented us from giving it a higher rating.  With all the dope panel pieces on commuter trains and smashed whole cars, it's hard to make them out as a lot of the footage is of poor quality and shaky.  There is a lot of thrilling action shots of writers just crushing commuter trains.

It was entertaining enough to watch once but we will move on to something else after.  We have seen other European videos that were a bit more entertaining and a lot better quality.  The music through out was a bit rough and you'll be better off putting it on mute and putting your own music to it.

(4 out of 10)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Freight Friday

This weeks Freight Friday is an oldy.  Much respect to any piece that is able to last this long on the rails.  This one appears to date back to 1999 and is outlasted an all out buff and toys as well as being gone over all together.  It did suffer some injury being stamped but most of it remains.  You can still make out most of the color.  This piece dates back to when "graffiti paint" was just an idea so you can be safe to assume this paint was Krylon and Rustoleum brands.

It seems that the Golden West Service flat panel boxcars allowed a lot of writers to run for a long time.  We find it impressive for any piece to run longer than 5 years these days.  To see one go for over 15 years is very impressive and deserves its props.