Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

Today we'll be looking at Cant Stop Fanatics 2.  It's a European train video that features nearly all live action footage.  This video was sponsored by Molotow and came out in 2006.

First thing we noticed right from the start was the poor video quality.  We know this is from the mid 2000's but it looks as if it was shot from the late 90's.  Unfortunately this really prevented us from giving it a higher rating.  With all the dope panel pieces on commuter trains and smashed whole cars, it's hard to make them out as a lot of the footage is of poor quality and shaky.  There is a lot of thrilling action shots of writers just crushing commuter trains.

It was entertaining enough to watch once but we will move on to something else after.  We have seen other European videos that were a bit more entertaining and a lot better quality.  The music through out was a bit rough and you'll be better off putting it on mute and putting your own music to it.

(4 out of 10)

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