Saturday, May 28, 2016

UTAH & ETHER Interview

From Acclaim Magazine, an interview with UTAH & ETHER.  We have picked out some of the highlights, you can read the rest here,

How did you guys meet initially?

UTAH: I was going on this road trip with a former friend and at the last minute he had to ditch out on it. He didn’t want me to go by myself and he was like “Oh my friends really want to go”. Well his friends were Ether and this other guy. I thought Ether was a total fucking weirdo. It was a six-hour drive to where we were going and he just slept the whole way. When we got there he woke up, we painted a train, then he went back to sleep the entire way back. I thought this kid was kinda weird but he had gas money, so that was pretty cool [laughs].

So when did you start painting together? Was it from that first time?

U: We didn’t really start painting a lot together until ’06. We went to Toronto for New Years, and painted a load of Metros there. Then we came back and painted in New York and did a whole East Coast tour.

E: Around that time was when the train-painting renaissance was going on in America. At the time there were a lot of people trying to do that sort of stuff. Not a lot of people really knew what they were doing though, so we were at the forefront of traveling and figuring out systems that hadn’t been hit hard.

Where there any systems that you wanted to paint, but didn’t get a chance to?

E: We’ve got a few works in progress.

Have you got any good travel stories for us?

E: Well it’s a typical lame graff story but we were painting an underground yard in Paris and we ended up getting spotted by a driver. There was only one way in or out aside from this emergency hatch that we’d never used before.

U: We go to duck out this emergency exit and there’s this dude sitting there with a German Shepard, a Canine Unit.

E: He didn’t know we were there; we totally caught him off guard. He hadn’t got a call yet and he didn’t know that we’d been painting right below him.

U: It’s mayhem. The dog is barking, this guy is yelling at me and I’m screaming back at him. Ether is trying to get out of the hatch and the hatch isn’t opening. We’re in this underground hallway pinned in a corner between the hatch and the tracks.

E: He’s this big dude with a German Shepard and it’s a really small hallway and I’m thinking I’ll just sort of push past him and be like “We didn’t do anything. It’s okay. Just chill” and this dude does some ninja bullshit and kicks me. So I approach again and I’m like “Nah nah man, it’s cool” and he kicks me in the balls.

U: I’m looking over at Ether and I’m like “Okay do you want to just do this?” Because we’re either getting racked or we’re just blowing past this dude and fucking him up if we have to. The guy is getting pissed off because we’re talking in English, so we both got up and Ether is walking towards him and he takes the muzzle off the dog.

E: I’m going in to give the guy a jab and he lets go of the dog, which I don’t even see. Before I know it there’s this German Shepard dragging me by my leg back down the hallway. But it works because he pulls me back past the exit and down into the yard. At first the security guard is just happy that I’m getting bitten by the dog, so I’m hitting it and trying to gouge its eyes.

U: I’m screaming just to be loud and hectic, and then I’m like “No for real, what do you want me to do?” and Ether is saying “I got this, just go”. It’s just a hot mess and Ether is like “Really, get the fuck out of here”. I really didn’t want to leave him, but it was at the point where there wasn’t much I could do to help. So I was like “You know what, I’m a get the fuck out of here”. I ran down the tracks and off the platform right into a station where all these people were. As I go up the stairs to exit, all these SWAT team looking cops are coming down and I’m like “Later”.

E: Eventually the guy gets the dog off me and he’s holding me. I’m still like “Fuck this. I’m going to get up and dip on him”. I’m thinking sure, I’m bit by a dog but I’ll still be able to run, so I get up to go and I just collapse. I had no idea; those things will really fuck you up. It took probably 45 minutes for anybody else to come and while we’re waiting he has got his phone and he’s gesturing to me with his hand and saying “Last night, you paint here also”. He pulls up these photos of the panels that we’d painted there the night before with about 10 security guards posing in front of this Hunchback of Notre Dame character that I did. He’s saying “Really good, Really good! I love it”. I’m just like “No, not me”. Finally the guys come and they’re going to take me to the hospital and then the police station.

They take my bag and Utah’s bag, as well as my camera. They load me into the ambulance and a security guard gets in the back with me and they take me to this gated hospital, there’s just no point where I can escape. They take me into the ER and stitch me up with no anesthesia or anything. So security has gone to get the car and I’m sitting there waiting for them to come back for maybe five minutes when I was like “What am I doing here?” I’m not cuffed at all – I’m not sure why – they were so slipping. I just get up and grab the two bags of paint and the camera and walk out. I’m hobbling around and after this maze of all these doors I finally make it out. I end up in the parking lot right next to a police van while they’re all inside looking for me. I’m still locked in because all the cars have to come in through a gate in the lot, and my stitches are breaking out so I’m bleeding again. I was hiding behind the van and eventually another ambulance comes in and I just hobbled out in front of the security guy at the gate and waved at him, I guess he thought everything was cool.

 Did you ever go back to Paris?

U: Yeah, Paris is the shit. They love us in Paris.

Friday, May 27, 2016


We cant start the weekend with all of that... enjoy your weekend!

Not so #feelgoodfriday - UTAH & ETHER edition (Continued)

To continue with the Debby Downer of news, it was reported earlier this month that ETHER was arrested in Australia.   He is accused of causing almost A$2,500 worth of damage when he allegedly defaced trains at Bayswater, Williamstown, Kensington and Pakenham.  He also was accused of trying to steal a phone from someone, who he allegedly punched, and with possessing a controlled weapon.

In all, he faces eight charges. Harper did not apply for bail when he was charged last Thursday. He was remanded in custody, and is to reappear in court this week.  We don't know what extradition laws are for Australia but we wish him the best of luck.

Not so #feelgoodfriday - UTAH & ETHER edition

Yea, for most of us, we missed out.  Like an ex you cant stand while you were dating, It's just one of those things that you don't know what you have until it's gone.  The limited edition signed copies of Probation Vacation went quick.  Kudos to you if you were able to grab one but to the rest of us, we slept.  We will still pick up a copy.

You can find at the following link,

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday's Underground Lowdwon - UTAH & ETHER week

Dope video of UTAH & ETHER's #probationvacation Lost in Asia.  This video was episode 6 in their installment but this time they were in the Philippines.  Like the rest, this short video doesn't disappoint.  We're not sure what it is but you definitely feel the rush as you watch these.  Perhaps its knowing that in most of these places if you get caught you hope a few hundred lashings all you get. 'Probation Vacation' has been entertaining as hell to watch.

UTAH & ETHER - PROBATION VACATION: LOST IN ASIA (Episode 6 - Philippines) from The Grifters on Vimeo.

(7 out of 10)

Sunday, May 22, 2016


If you've been around long enough, you have either heard good or bad things about COPE2.  The good is always about his long career and the New York City MTA trains he hit for years.  The canvas work he has done and the galleries they've been hung in around the world.  The bad, ...well, lets just say they're all really bad.  Without getting into specifics, we've heard from being a long time informant for the NYPD to being inappropriate to women.  The incident from last year between COPE2 and HOW (TATS Cru) is a total he said she said.

We aren't going to weigh in with this or that because as of now, its just shit talking.  However, the beef is real and some of the most popular besides CAP in Style Wars surrounds COPE2 and UTAH & ETHER.

Friday, May 20, 2016


It's been a long road... long... patient... road.  However we never gave up and even when we were standing still we kept our eyes forward and hearts in it.  We have a lot to come, stay with us for more!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

Piece By Piece was not like any other graffiti video we've seen.  A really well organized video on the history of graffiti in San Francisco that goes back to the early 80's. This is a true documentary and entertaining with the professionalism that could be comparable to the classic film, Style Wars.

You don't have to be from or live in the bay area to appreciate or be entertained by this documentary. From the interviews of the artists who lived it; it was really informative and gave it to you straight. The directors really did do a good job at capturing the graffiti mentality and stayed structured in the different eras within the bay area's graffiti subculture. This is a pretty ill video for any writer or just someone who's interested in this criminal but highly artistic art form.

(9 out of 10)

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Mixed Bag

Todays a mix of #feelgoodfriday and Freight Fridays Feature Fix.  You might remember reading the book called, The Boxcar Children in school.  Personally I was always disappointed because I wanted it to be about boxcar's and trains but that was never the case.  I guess it's true, you can never judge a book by its cover, or name.  We stumbled upon this hilarious twitter account, called Paperback Paradise.

Here is one of our favorites from The Boxcar Children.  We put one more in for good measure from Highlights.  Definitely check out their twitter account and the books they've created.  It's hilarious!!!  Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday's Underground Lowdown

This spotlight video with Jesusaves and put together by Bazookafilms77 is pretty dope.  Short quick video, just over three minutes but its about quality not quantity right?  Awesome action shots on a rooftop then hitting a freight hopper.  Bazookafilms77 do a good job putting together their videos and we've posted them on our Tuesday Underground Lowdown before.  We just had one question, where's the daytime shot of the rooftop?

Music by Post Malone which is pretty good and fits this video.

(7.5 out of 10)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mondaze Feature Writer

Dude is just nasty, SMUG1 from Europe kills every mural.  Characters are beyond fire, a true master at his craft.  We've featured a couple of his works on our facebook page, and our own instagram

Don't forget to look at our site,

Give him a follow on Instagram!

Friday, May 6, 2016


We're not going to use this for Tuesday's Underground Lowdown simply because it's kind of bootleg.  All images are stolen and the music... well, just mute it and watch.   Enjoy the weekend!

Freight Fridays Feature Fix

 Short story behind this image is that the top image was benched by us summer 2014. The bottom image was later spotted by us on the internet last year. We would learn later that the writer wasn't able to finish the piece but the car rolled back to their spot and finished it... what are the chances?! Dope piece on this excess height BNSF boxcar by KEEPS

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wu Wednesday's

Shes hot and we love the shirt... If you've been following our blog for a while now, you should be able to see that we're not big fans of today's music.  Who cares though, the internet is great for discovering underground artists and your own style and flavor.  What are some of your favorite hidden artist?  Send us their soundcloud or youtube and we might give them a shout out on our #WuWednesdays

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fighting Fire with Fire

An interesting article about using graffiti art to battle uninvited graffiti.  Something we have always tried to explain and would hope more cities would adopt.

“They really are amazing,” said Robert Bieder, the owner of a plumbing supply business who has recommended Mr. Beltran to other landlords. “We’ve seen people from all over the world coming to admire this work. I had no idea there was such a great following for this kind of artwork.”

"While his list of walls is growing, he is stumped why some landlords won’t entertain his ideas, yet continue to allow their walls to be covered with random tags that reappear almost as soon as they are painted over."  This is definitely not a full proof magic bullet to stop illegal tagging and graffiti but it does help.  There will always be that one writer doing damage just to get fame, just look what dudes did to SABER (MSK, AWR) work on LA River.

Monday, May 2, 2016

We've Been Busy

Just because we've been quiet, there has been a lot going on behind the scene.  We are in the final stretch and getting excited.  Sneak peek... Stay tuned!!!